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We offers many classes for ages 3 to senior adults. Whether its dance, music, art, or theatre, we have the perfect classes for you.

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From summer camps, to community service, we have a variety of programs in the arts. See our complete list of prgrams.

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Theatre Arts Class

Introduction to Acting
For those who want to act but have not had the chance, this class introduces them to the art of expressing themselves on stage, theatre vocabulary and knowledge of stage practice Students improvise, read and perform scenes from plays and may act in plays they write in class. Speech and diction is employed to train the actor in the use and awareness of speech, focusing on training the entire body to support strong diction and vocal projection. The mechanics of speech are explored in depth, covering the importance of speech and diction in creating a character and analyzing dramatic writing.

ARTS-A-F!RE Youth Theater Troupe
Developing new teen voices for the theater. The Arts-A-Fire Youth Theater Troupe (Arts-A-F!RE YTT) , a company of approximately 50 young people ages 7-18 will meet weekly, to rehearse their plays and explore techniques that will be used in performances. Performance workshops will include hip-hop, rap, dance and musical theater skill development. Troupe members will learn performance and variety arts skills for the fall and spring productions. ARTS-A-F!RE YTT provides a unique opportunity for theater, dance and music students to practice what they have learned in their classes through the invaluable experience of performing on stages under the guidance of professional artists.

ACT-A-F!RE Drama Guild Workshop
Adults Students of acting from the beginning to advanced will take a journey from self to actor, exploring the fundamentals of acting through warm-up exercises, improvisation, scene study, character analysis & development, storytelling and vocal technique. This course will include practical experience in acting, creative dramatics, emotional recall, movement and improvisation games tailored to the group as well as the study and performance of scenes from a variety of productions.

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