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We offers many classes for ages 3 to senior adults. Whether its dance, music, art, or theatre, we have the perfect classes for you.

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From summer camps, to community service, we have a variety of programs in the arts. See our complete list of prgrams.

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Visual arts Class

Arts Exploration & Cultural Journey
Youth 7-17 with a serious interest in art will take a year-round visual arts journey exploring self and African-American heritage. Students will develop their drawing, painting and multi-media skills while learning the history and techniques of African-American artists and exploring African art created years ago when art was made for life’s ceremonies and everyday use.

Enhancing their academic and social skills students will develop their capacity for self-reflection as well as build literary, oral and technical skills.

Field trips to local arts venues will be used to reinforce classroom instruction. Students will also work as a group, engaging in community building arts projects which contribute to the aesthetic improvement of a public space. The aim is to develop each participant’s ability to communicate more effectively, visually and verbally, about the world they see..

Student’s works in progress will be exhibited regularly at the FireHouse and at other community venues and with a formal exhibition.

Introduction to Drawing
In this class, students learn the fundamental concepts of drawing and 2D media. Observation, one of the most important elements in drawing, will be stressed through different techniques and experimentation with several materials. The class will be complemented with theory (composition, perspective, proportions) and examples in art history. Materials list will be provided at the first class.

Creative Connections / Ages 4 – 8
A visual exploration that challenges students and parents to work side by side in making art. The course leads parents to recognize their own artistic sensibilities as well as the artistic vocabulary of their children. Projects include painting, drawing, printmaking and collage.

Drawing & Painting
This course will introduce fundamental painting and drawing skills. It will tap the energy, curiosity and excitement of childhood through visual discoveries. Individual needs and levels of experience in the visual arts will be taken into account. Materials will include hard and soft graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink, watercolor, oils and acrylics.

Introduction to Digital Photography
This class is designed for beginners who want to better understand the world of digital imagery, or for students with experience who want to strengthen their basic skills. Topics covered include digital camera use, Photoshop basics, scanning and printing techniques. Students will be able to explore their own projects and develop the fundamental skills to continue digital work on their own.

Creative Sewing for Beginners

Learn to determine pattern size, alteration, layout, as well as seam types, finishes, zipper insertion, etc. Become comfortable with the sewing machine. Patterns to be discussed at first class. Basic, fun and creative clothing, pillows, toys, etc. may be created. Please bring your own sewing machine.

Needlepoint, Knit, Crochet
BLING Learn to make new and creative craft items using old-fashioned techniques. From jewelry to wall art to wearable art, this class will inspire you to do more and more.

Mud Magic Pottery
Hand Building Techniques Discover the nature of clay through hand building. Express yourself through clay figures, animals and other sculptural forms. Develop a personal style and understand the creative process through a diverse range of hand building techniques. Beginning Pottery Wheel Working all week and want a break from rules and deadlines? Try digging into fresh clay and release that creative spirit within. The instructor understands that working in clay is a personal experience and everyone develops different ways of handling the clay. The course is ideal for the beginner who needs a start to the experienced who needs advice from a potter with many years of experimenting and fine tuning her craft.

Sample Memories Beginner or advanced person interested in designing and making a Sample Memories Quilt will experiment with a different technique each week. Family memories and future dreams are suggestions for this quilt class.

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