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We offers many classes for ages 3 to senior adults. Whether its dance, music, art, or theatre, we have the perfect classes for you.

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Programs & Services

From summer camps, to community service, we have a variety of programs in the arts. See our complete list of prgrams.

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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission
Building community through heritage-based arts experiences

Our Vision
A place where the arts connect and transform people, helping all feel good about themselves and others.

Our Values
We believe The arts have the power to:

  • instill pride
  • make youth smarter
  • inspire action
  • help heal the sick
  • curb youth delinquency
  • improve neighborhoods
  • create jobs
  • promote harmony and appreciation of diversity
  • illuminate and help meet today's challenges, creatively
  • In celebrating and nurturing the cultural heritage of Blacks because of its:
    • aesthetic value: beauty, harmony
    • spiritual value: understanding, enlightenment, insight
    • social value: connection with others, a sense of identity
    • historical value: connection with the past ยท
    • symbolic value: objects as repositories or conveyors